• IoT end to end solutions

    focused on Big Data engineering and Analytics
  • IoT end to end solutions

    focused on Big Data engineering and Analytics

About Us

devAIs complements the client’s business to be connected, real-time and ready to capitalise on data. We enable your company to seize the IoT&AI opportunity by setting-up and servicing the IoT&AI component of your business. Our organisation is nimble, born from a team combining long term experience in massive data processing applications, hardware and firmware design, connectivity-based architecture design and advanced analytics.

The experiences and skills of the team are incorporated in Pynocchio, an end to end platform for IoT applications. Pynocchio is based on a solid and modular architecture and it is built 100% on selected OpenSource components.

Leveraging Pynocchio and thanks to a strong focus on the vertical needs and the specific business model of each end to end application, devAIs can very quickly and competitively assemble complete solutions. These can then be IP- transferred to the client’s organization (it is Open Source, isn’t it?) or managed by devAIs on a pay per use basis.

Our Approach

Advanced analytics have to be nurtured with data. Intelligent insights achieved with models trained by learning techniques can only emerge from large amounts of data properly and efficiently acquired, stored, cleaned-up, pre-processed and made available to massive distributed computation.
Trained models then have to be run on live data, and they can be effective only if the data is safely and efficiently piped-up from the field, stored, pre-processed and made available to them. Often, intelligence has to be run on the edge and models have to be smoothly moved down in the field-to-cloud chain. This is Data Engineering.
Finally, devices on the field (the Things) must produce good data. This requires effective management: provisioning, versioning, security, connectivity, diagnostic, service management, planning, etc.
Of course, the business value is higher going up the pyramid, but the amount of high-quality infrastructure and software, key to the deployment of that business value, is much higher at the lower levels.


The co-founders

The co-founders are all seasoned technology, innovation and business practitioners. devAIs is rooted in their complementary competences, in mutual trust and in the pleasure of working together.


With time-variable re-grouping they have set-up a number of successful technology companies, grew them and sold them to large International corporations, where they have enabled new key business units. The origin of the name devAIs, is an Italian pun. Written in Italian, it is the phonetic equivalent of the word “device”. AI is embedded as it is in the devAIs culture.

Relevant experiences

Past experiences include the design, development and deployment in production of: industry-standard connected and IoT devices for industrial application; HW, FirmWare and Embedded OS platforms; Device Management systems for IoT; World-level, large scale petabyte-level data pipelines with distributed computations of advanced analytics for Investment Management Finance.


Smart Cities

Data storage & processing complement component for large-scale Smart City IoT infrastructure in production.

Lab Equipment

Behavioural analysis of lab mice in large-scale sensorized and connected cage racks supporting medical experimentation and research.


Batch processing of massive high-frequency cardiological data and support for remote ECG analysis on real-time streaming data for IoT medical devices.


Gateway OS, Device Management, Data  Pipelines Management and High Speed Analytics computations on massive biological data acquired with medical-level full-body wearable.

Connected Devices

We have created Klip@, a smart and innovative sensor. We are now evolving Klip@ for industrial applications, including monitoring and behavioural analysis of human movement and devices in Covid-19 prevention rules compliance.


Behavioural analysis and clustering of individual users tracked through the processing of large-scale data acquired by WiFi device tracking in geographically complex and large department stores.

Platform Architecture

Our platform is a collection of open source and micro services that span from the physical device to the edge and finally to the cloud backend. The architecture is flexible and scalable at every stage of data processing and device management to facilitate interoperability between devices, edge application and cloud big data processing. All our services are independent of the cloud provider. We build solutions for high performance distributed computing in the cloud, both, for streaming and batch applications at scale. We leverage cutting edge technology like Spark, Dask, Nifi and Kafka. It all happens on virtual containerized applications, based on Kubernetes. By building systems for massive computation in IoT device data, we are able to solve a broad range of problems. Our team is also able to design hw components, gateways and develop low level embedded firmware fully connected to the analytics cloud platform.


Contact Us

We are a young fully remote Italian company. Our brilliant team and our skills are at your service. If you are interested, need more information or want to join the devAis team, send us an e-mail.


C/O ComoNext

Via Cavour, 2

22074 Lomazzo, CO (Italy)

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We are a growing company and we are looking for young talent. We offer hands-on training and exposure to the most recent and promising technologies across all the layers of IoT – from firmware to AI -, relevant and recognized roles in innovative projects, support from expert professionals, a full remote working organization.

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